Now that the real estate market is recovering, with an increase in sales after the dark years of the crisis, contextually there is also an increase in the field of home loans explicitly aimed at completing or renovating furniture, or for carrying out interventions restructuring or energy conversion, using incentives to improve efficiency and reduce the consumption of pollutants. Sniffing the change of the times, several financial companies propose for 2016 a series of offers that meet the needs of consumers, proposing loans of high amount both reserved specifically for the work to be done in the building, and more generic solutions that guarantee the liquidity necessary to deal with such huge expenses as renovations or home furnishings. Here are the best 2016 loan proposals selected for you for this specific area.


Many lenders and financing companies offer loans of up to 30 thousand euros to perform the necessary jobs at home, at rather advantageous terms for the beneficiaries. Among these we point out the Cleopar proposal, through the Easy Classic personal loan at constant rate , reserved for residents in Italy between the ages of 18 and 70, while for foreign citizens the Italian residence has been requested for at least one year and the permit of residence to obtain financing. Customers can request the necessary amount up to a maximum ceiling of 30 thousand euros, and once submitted the application, complete with documentation concerning their income or pension, the final authorization is issued in a short time by the company, putting the amount agreed upon, directly in bank or postal account, or by check.

The amortization plan provides a monthly repayment installment by direct debit to the current account or with bulletins according to the needs of each one: here you can perform a simulation to check TAN and APR and compare the calculated rate with those of other proposals. Finally, it should be added that the Easy loan from Cleopar can be combined with two options, Change and Jump , which allow you to change the installment temporarily, or to postpone the end of the repayment schedule up to 5 maturities over the entire duration.

Carry Bank

Also Carry Bank as Cleopar offers loan solutions from a minimum amount of 5 thousand euro to a maximum of 30 thousand to renovate, furnish and buy appliances, with a duration between 24 and 120 months, and a charge of the repayment installment that starts from month following the signing of the loan. The request for funding can be sent via the Internet, and from the point of view of the documentation it requires residence in Italy, ownership of a current account and a demonstrable income. Regarding the timing of disbursement, the amount agreed is by bank transfer after receipt of the contract signed and accompanied by the required documents, of course after the appropriate checks, and on average it takes 20 days. The repayment term can not be set beyond the age of 75 of the client, including optional insurance coverage: the premium for credit insurance is 3.86 percent of the monthly payment for periods of up to 36 months, on the 6th, 43 percent up to 60 months, 9.45 percent for higher durations.

PAL Bank

We close this brief overview with the best proposals for home loans 2016 with the offers of PAL Bank , which grants loans with a minimum amount of 2 thousand euro up to a maximum ceiling of 60 thousand to be allocated to their homes, with a fixed rate and constant rate . Here too, the times for approving the request and the payment of the amount take a few days after the checks on the documentation, with direct debit to the current account. The client must be between 18 and 70 years of age, residing in Italy for at least one year and a copy of the paycheck or social security check to show the income.

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