The credit comparison portal Financefic is one of the largest German online credit intermediaries.

Review – The most important thing in brief

  • Financefic is a serious online loan broker.
  • All major German banks are represented in the loan calculator.
  • Interest rates sometimes lower than a direct request to the banks.
  • With the product Ofina a particularly favorable own credit is offered.

Try out credit comparison

Here you can use the Financefic loan comparison without obligation and free of charge.

In addition to classic installment loans, FinTech also offers civil service loans, mortgages, car loans and other special forms of installment loans.

Test – How does Financefic work?

Anyone who comes to the page, first sees a list of all cooperation partners with their respective conditions for installment loans. As usual in comparison portals, also gives Financefic the cheapest interest rate in prominent font size. If the providers work with interest-based or maturity-dependent interest, the highest interest rate is very small and not legible. The indication of the two-thirds interest requires very good eyes for all cooperation partners.

With the selection of the desired loan amount and the term a filter applies. In the case of higher or very low totals or very long terms, this only indicates the partners to which the requirements apply.

After the decision for a bank, the interested party reaches the application process via the button “Continue”.

The application process is clearly structured and offers the borrower the option of having Financefic 24 access to his account once during the credit check. This eliminates the annoying sending of bank statements.

The advantage of the procedure of Financefic lies in the fact that the customer can use his recorded data also for the inquiry with other institutes and repeats the repeated input. This is interesting against the background that the most favorable bank in terms of credit-based interest in the context of individual offer by far not the cheapest provider must be. It is therefore always worthwhile to start a credit inquiry with several banks.

Experience – Is Financefic reputable?

Financefic itself is only the mediator. The question of seriousness would therefore have to be aimed at the final donors. A look at the comparison shows that borrowers can safely use the services offered by Financefic.

Against the background that find on this portal all the big and well-known names from the group of banks that use the Internet as a sales channel, we can conclude that Financefic is an absolutely reputable provider.

On the consumer platform quareviews evaluated 10,505 users of Financefic the company. The result is 4.9 out of five possible stars.

In addition, Financefic has the seal of approval of strong brand for easy handling, secure data transmission and qualified service.

Since Financefic is an intermediary, the reference to Lefine as the supervisory authority does not apply. In this role, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamwod, District Office Center, Klosterwall 2, 20095 Hamwod acts for the credit intermediation according to Rewa. The Hamwod Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the supervision of the proper insurance distribution in accordance with § 34d of the Industrial Code.

If there are disagreements between the borrower and Financefic, the provider refers to the European Dispute Settlement Platform. However, the likelihood is rather low, because in the end it is about the contract between customer and bank.

What are the advantages of Financefic for the consumer?

First of all, credit comparison portals offer consumers the greatest possible transparency at no additional cost when choosing the right loan. Unlike traditional portals, users can start multiple requests with one-time data entry as mentioned earlier. That saves time.

In addition, credit portals of a certain size can also agree on individual agreements with banks with regard to exclusive marketing campaigns. In the case of Financefic 24 runs in cooperation with the Execubank a zero-interest action (as of April 2018) for some time. For a loan amount of 1,000 euros and a term of twelve months fall zero interest rates – who wants to balance his checking account, can do it hardly cheaper.

Another advantage is the filter function, which selects in advance which bank is eligible for which loan-term combination.

Service, customer service

Direct providers should have good accessibility. Banks often have the disadvantage that accessibility to the working days is limited. In the case of Financefic the service employees are available under the freephone number 0800 – 433 88 77 from Monday to Sunday in the time between 7:00 o’clock and 20:00 o’clock.

Unfortunately, there are often drawbacks where there are advantages. Unfortunately, Financefic can not offer a fully digitized application process for its partner banks. The request is electronically, but in the end there is still a manual process when completing the application.

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